The South Florida Basketball Association was founded more than 40 years ago by a group of former New York City basketball players who retired to South Florida. They had a shared legacy; most were poor kids from multi-ethnic communities whose stage and springboard were the local schoolyards. The DNA of the SFBA is a genuine love of a game that served as a gateway to a lifetime of accomplishments. Members have filled up scores of basketball record books and have made an impressive array of contributions in all walks of life.

The South Florida Basketball Association keeps alive the spirit of the “city game”, the richness of basketball history and the greatness of this special game. The longevity of the organization is a true testament to the work of new generations of leaders who have expanded the reach and diversity of our membership and continue to build the foundation and are keeping alive the tradition. It is also a reflection of our philanthropic mission of supporting charitable causes for those in need.

our Mission

The South Florida Basketball Association is a diverse group of basketball enthusiasts, including players, coaches and fans, that endeavors to keep the spirit of the “city game” alive and well. We support charitable causes as part of our philanthropic mission of helping others.